Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00007]Title: To Claim His Girl


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Eli Waters has come back home for one thing, and that is to claim Aria Dean. She’s one of his best friends, the girl who has been by his side through thick and thin. Being sent to military school wasn’t part of the plan, however, he’s more than happy to bribe anyone to get back to being with her.

A year without Eli was difficult. Aria missed Eli so much. She missed his warmth, his smile, his playfulness. She has loved him for a long time. It doesn’t matter though. She is not his type. She’s not blonde, or thin, or beautiful. She is just … Aria.

But now he’s back, and he’s different.

With help from his friends, Eli is determined to finally claim Aria.  He never expected her to be nervous, nor did he expect to be easy. Laying his feelings on the table, he makes sure Aria knows the truth, and then it’s up to her. He’s not going anywhere. He loves her, and from the moment they first met when they were three years old, they belonged together.

Can two young souls fight for their love, or will it be too hard of a battle?

ashamed-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2016Title: Ashamed

Series: The Family

Expected Release:  January 9th 2017

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Luiz has a secret. Seven years ago he got a girl pregnant, and they had a beautiful baby girl together. The problem, his father sent men to kill his tie away from The Family. Luiz got there just in time. He stopped them from killing his daughter, and Raine, the baby’s Auntie. Putting Raine and Christie in protection of a guy he trusted, he knew he had to keep them safe.

No one else knows they exist.

Raine has put her life on hold to help protect her niece. She doesn’t date, nor has she gotten close to anyone. Going against Luiz’s order, she goes on a date.

Luiz never expected to be jealous but he doesn’t want Raine giving any guy the time of day. She’s a virgin, and he wants her to remain that way. He wants her for himself, and that is the way it’s going to stay.

When his girls are attacked, Luiz knows it’s time to let his secret known. Will his friends accept his family? Luiz can’t let Raine go. He loves her. Seven years he’s been running and hiding, the time to stop is now.

However, what will happen when they find the man who ordered the kill? What will he do when the man is an ally? Nothing is ever simple in the mafia, or in The Family.

the-enemys-daughter-evernightpublishing-jan2017Title: The Enemy’s Daughter


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Expected Release: January 18th


Alaric Patterson is a powerful man. He has just lost the most important deal of his life to his long term rival. He is tired of fighting him, and so he comes up with a plan. His enemy has a daughter, a very plain woman. He’s going to find her, make her fall in love with him, and then he’s going to break her.

Bella Reed works at a veterinary practice. She loves animals, and when an older man brings in a cute pup, she does whatever she can to help. At first she’s a little taken back when that same man wants to take her out on a date.

Before long she has accepted a date, and then another, and another.

Little by little, Alaric gets to know the woman he intends to hurt, and he can’t do it. He’s falling in love with her, and Bella is falling for him.

He has lied to her. She doesn’t know his real name or the truth, and there’s nothing he can do about it. He’s stuck.

The moment Bella discovers the truth, she is heartbroken. The first man she truly loves has betrayed her.

It takes an unlikely source to show her that sometimes love is about second chances, it’s about forgiving, and it’s about never living a moment filled with regret.

something-sweet-evernightpublishing-jan2017Title: Something Sweet

Series: Curvy Women Wanted
Expected release: January 27th

Camden has sworn off women. After having his heart broken, and his dreams crushed, he’d rather focus on his work, and not women. However, his closest friends won’t let him hide. They have a woman for him, and they intend to set him up.

Alyssa doesn’t need men. She has her friends, and her cooking, and her work. Children, men, and a future she no longer believes she will ever need.

The moment they meet, sparks fly. Neither of them had anticipated finding love but now their future looked possible together.

Romance is in the air, and even as their friends worry about how fast they are moving, there is no way they’re going to stop.

Will Alyssa say yes to his proposal? What will Camden think when he discovers she is pregnant.

just-for-the-movie-evernightpublishing-jan2016-updateTitle: Just for the Movie

Previously released as, Chemistry

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Release date: February 6th


Will their romance survive when the cameras stop rolling?

Action film star Adam Feltworth’s last movie flopped big time, yet he’s offered one last chance to star in a romantic drama alongside the up-and-coming actress, Sara Leigh. Adam has never filmed sexy scenes with a full-figured woman, but he’s been warned—it’s this or retirement.

Throughout her career, Sarah has portrayed the fat, supportive best friend. With her breakout movie, Chemistry, she hopes to finally bring the pleasingly plump heroine into the mainstream spotlight. Knowing Adam’s history of preferring svelte beauties, she doesn’t want him for the part.

When Adam first holds Sarah during the screen test, a spark ignites that neither one expects. Now Adam’s problem is bigger than simply filming a hit movie to save his floundering career. He needs to prove to Sarah that she’s the only woman he desires…both on and off the screen.

experiment-evernightpublishing-feb2017Title: Experiment


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Expected release: February 13th


Nate Bridges has just made a big mistake. He has just taken Shawna Prescott’s virginity. She is not the kind of girl a jock goes for. His memories are the only thing he can live with, and it has to be enough. He can’t have her.

Shawna not going to tell anyone about her night with Nate. It was one night, and she never had to speak to him again.

When their parents finally reveal they are dating, trying to avoid Nate is useless. They are now living together, and even though she wants to hate him, she can’t.

In some strange twist of fate they find comfort in each other. With college around the corner, and their parents together, they can either remain a secret, or tell their parents the truth. Will they stay together? Do they want to have a life together after high school?

How do they even feel for each other?

Nate has never been in love before, and Shawna doesn’t know what love is.

bring-me-back-kindleBRING ME BACK (a new adult standalone)

“When darkness sweeps you under, you can either fight to get to the top, or let it drag you under.”

Cover by: Popkitty


When darkness sweeps you under, you can either fight to get to the top, or let it drag you to the bottom.

The past is behind me, and now it’s time to enjoy life, or that’s what I tell myself. That’s what I’m trying to do.

And then he sweeps into my life like a tornado. But he doesn’t destroy me…he helps heal me.

Until Adrian I was content to let it pull me to the bottom.

Until Adrian I was content enough to keep moving through life.

But I’m done pretending that I’m happy with who I am, with where I’m at. I want to let Adrian show me that living doesn’t have to be toeing the line. And I don’t care what anyone says, not Alex, my brother, and certainly not my childhood crush, Holden.


I’ve never let my past dictate who I am. Fighting has been the only solid thing that keeps me grounded, that lets me get out the self-hatred and pain I keep buried deep down.

But then I see Skylar. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

She has her own darkness, her own heaviness that weighs on her. With her I feel like the world is right, that things make sense.

She says I’m helping heal her, but she’s the one who makes me feel complete.

I’ll go to any lengths to keep her by my side, even if that’s going up against the two people

itstartedwithacontract-evernightpublishing-jan2017Title: It started with a Contract

Series: Curvy Women Wanted

Buy Links: Evernight Publishing / Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) / Amazon (AU) / AMazon (CA)/ Bookstrand 

Expected release: February 20th


Hadley Green is desperate, and she needs a job. When she sees an advertisement in a newspaper, she immediately gets an interview. What she didn’t know was the job was to be at the beck and call of a very wealthy, very sexy man.

All of his life Easton Gray has liked fuller, curvy women. He’s a busy man, and he’s not interested in wining and dining women. So, he turns his best friend’s idea into a reality, never for a second believing it would actually work.

The moment he sees Hadley, he knows he wants her, and he knows he’ll do anything to keep her.

At first, Hadley is not interested in being a plaything for this man, but then, she’s desperate. This is better than being left homeless. She accepts, and with it, finds herself yearning for more than the man’s body. She’s yearning for his heart as well.

Will Hadley be able to go from being owned to being taken? From sex to love? Is it possible?

This is a short, sweet, and dirty romance.

27 thoughts on “OUT NOW

  1. Saha says:

    Hey I love Alex he is actually the best of all the skulls even tho the treated him badly love it can’t wait for the next one
    You are an amazing writer

    • Hi Gwen,

      Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc, have a longer acceptance period for erotic romance, which is why they take so long. I’m so sorry for the wait. I do check each site daily for my releases to show.


  2. daphnne says:

    When will bully no more be released? I really loved “fat” and can’t wait to know kurt and kim’s story.

  3. Silvana says:

    Is there anyway you can have your books available to buy on Kobo e-reader faster? Your books are never available to purchase when you say they are. 🙁

    • Kobo does take a long time to get the books there. Have you checked out Evernight’s main site? They have different formats that could work for the Kobo. Would you like me to ask which one would work best?

  4. Lyly says:

    Hi! Sam Crescent, I was wonder Is there any book about William and Cara from the Book “She’s Mine ” because it will me really interesting to read about their relationship.
    Thank for your hard work!

  5. Mahi says:

    hi Sam
    I am really interested in a story about Tab and Simon (Devil and Tiny children) and i want to know that do you have any plans on writing their story soon?

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